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We believe that healing occurs when Whole-Body Wellness is considered. 

Our body is aligned with Internal, External, and Functional Wellness.

Consideration & Treatment Whole-Body Wellness promotes steadfast healing, carry-over and long-term wellness.
Healing occurs when we ALIGN with our Whole Self!



We are what we put in our Bodies.

In order to heal, increase energy and endurance you need to  ALIGN your health on the inside.  Learn to nourish your mind & body with healing thoughts, healing foods, supplements, and essential oils. Nutrition, Cranial Sacral, Core Synchronization, Goal Journaling are just a few of the tools we will use to create your increased internal health.



Movement is Medicine

​Using physical movement to promote core stability

strength & increased endurance.  Movement feeds the brain with important information as you work your way towards more coordinated, controlled, aligned & balanced movement that provides feedback & body awareness. Our "medicinal movement" informs our nervous system to learn, reshape, and create increased core strength, stability, and endurance, as well as more upper-body mobility. 



Motivation is Everything

To Align oneself takes commitment and motivation.

It is so much more fun to work hard towards something you are motivated to achieve. Setting big or small goals helps keep us motivated through our ups and downs of recovery  and rehabilitation. As your motivation increases, so does confidence and ability to maintain your wellness even after your therapy is over!

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