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Occupational Therapist

pediatrics, vision occupational therapy, injury recovery & women's health


yoga movement sequence modification

parent education


handwriting specialist


Kristen Wiese is an Occupational Therapist & Clinical Specialist, providing over 25 years of experience, training & clinical observation for pediatrics, teenagers, and adults.   
With the understanding that movement nourishes our nervous system, Kristen taps into the body's wisdom of feedback, response, body awareness, self-monitoring & organizational strategies to then work on mobility & higher level therapeutic goals such as fine motor, visual motor, organization, self-help skills, and cognitive, social & communication skills.  

Kristen has extensive training & expertise in helping her clients learn, relearn, and modify more functional ways to reach personal goals and achieve higher levels of independence.  She thrives on helping individuals find success in becoming more self-sufficient in tasks that were previously unachievable.  As a skilled provider in such areas of fine motor and handwriting skills & strategies, creating home modifications & sensorimotor programs, Kristen ultimately finds avenues for kids and adults alike to help themselves through increased cognitive organization, sensory strategies, and self-monitoring skills that lead them to their own success & discharge!

Occupational Vision Therapy Program: 
Kristen has had the pleasure of working under the mentorship of Judy Deinema OTR to expand her services into occupational vision therapy.  Integrating vision work with occupational therapy offers a comprehensive vision, motor & cognitive experience to strategically connect and/or reconnect the body, brain, and vision systems ONLINE to work together as they are meant to. 



 As the founder of ALIGN Therapy & KidBridge Therapy Services, Kristen brings a specific philosophy to her clients and the ALIGN Therapy Center which encompasses whole body wellness.  

Kristen is obsessed with horses, yoga, jewelry making, gardening, and her friends & family! 

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