Mental Health Specialist

social work


mental health and wellbeing


body work

chronic pain & illness

depression & anxiety

trauma & ptsd


Katy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Intuitive Guidance Coach, and Reiki Master. Katy has 25+ years of experience working in mental health, including residential treatment, outpatient, and community care. Katy has a gift of helping you look at your entire system and seeing where the healing needs to begin both through psychotherapy and intuitive guidance coaching as well as bodywork. Katy works with clients to balance the body/mind through the use of psychotherapeutic reiki. She has experience working with individuals with trauma, chronic illness, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, covid fatigue, and PTSD.


Katy is an ally for those who need a safe space to heal. She enjoys working with anyone who is ready to do their work. Katy has experience working with individuals ages 14 through age 100. She utilizes parent coaching for those with younger children and can still help your child through helping you as the parent.

Katy values working with the whole body and knows that you cannot separate the body and the mind when looking to regain health and balance. As you work on your “core” within your body, it’s important to work on your emotional “core” also. Katy can help you find your whole body equilibrium. She is open to how the energy is flowing and what you might need to balance vs what you need to release. She can help you can set goals and move towards leaning into your wellness.