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Occupational Therapist

sensory processing disorder

stress management skills


musculoskeletal strength & alignment

yoga therapist


essential oils &

plant remedies

lifestyle wellness

Kara Blattman Rock head shot.jpg

Kara  has been a licensed practicing occupational therapist, movement therapist and wellness educator since 2001. Certifications in the Science of Ayurveda, Yoga, Yoga Therapist for a Happy Back. She has a background with families and children with sensory processing disorders to gain skills and lifestyle habits for greater success in work, school and life. She has extensive experience in working with individuals to enhance their wellness. She focuses on neuromuscular strength and alignment with yoga, weight management and enhanced health with Ayurveda and plant based remedies through a lifestyle development plan.

In addition she has a passion for empowering individuals for greater self concept, self esteem and stress management with a wellness routine using yoga, Ayurveda and Plant based remedies to live their best life. 

Kara also has certification and training in AromaTouch Technique, a powerful technique that uses  gentle touch and essential oils to quite the nervous system, enhance immunity, decrease inflammation and create homeostatic balance in the body.  Great for sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD. stress management, sleep disorders and pain management. 

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