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Mental Health Specialist

social work


mental health

& wellbeing

emotion focused techniques

collaborative problem solving

attachment problems

depression & anxiety

trauma & ptsd

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Jenna is a Licensed Social Worker, with a Master's of Social Work whose goal as a clinician is to help empower her clients to become the most authentic version of themselves possible. She is qualified in CPS, Nurtured Heart, Nurturing Parenting, Practice Self-Regulation, and Trauma Focused CBT.
Jenna wants to help you move in the direction you want to advance towards by lifting you up to a new level of confidence and self-empowerment. She utilizes a holistic approach including the following modalities, an NMT Neuroregulatory Perspective, Collaborative Problem Solving, Acceptance and Commitment, as well as Emotion Focused techniques. Her goal is to work on connecting the physical and mental capacities within each of you to bring about the development of personal systems that can not only help you to create but also be able to sustain lifetime changes.

Jenna specializes in working with people who have endured trauma in their life, as well as, with individuals that are experiencing anxiety, depression, attachment problems, grief and loss, low self-esteem, or even just trying to manage daily life stressors. She works with individuals, groups, couples, and family systems.

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