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Physical Therapy Assistant

exercise therapy

soft tissue mobilization

pain management


strength and conditioning

Deejay Vann.jpg

Deejay is a licensed physical therapist assistant, with a thorough background in aquatic therapy, personal training, and yoga. Deejay works with all variations of injuries, conditions, and patients. She is experienced in both inpatient and outpatient facilities. She enjoys helping clients find healing through movement allowing the patients to move safely with strength and confidence.

When treating patients Deejay not only focuses on the place of injury, she also address the aligning joints, and muscle structures to insure that the body is treated as a whole and is able to accommodate any shifts that have taken place physically.   Deejay partners exercise therapy, manual therapeutics, soft tissue mobilization with thermal and electronic modalities to strengthen, condition clients and encourage pain free treatments to ensure that clients can return to their daily functional actives.

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